Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Begin Recreational Sales on October 1

October 1, 2015 is the start of recreational marijuana sales in Oregon. Many people who want to be a part of history will wait outside the 203 existing medical pot shops that are selling recreational weed so they can be some of the first purchasers in the state.

Discounts and Giveaways For First Day

Oregon will eventually license recreational marijuana dispensaries, but for now the state is allowing the medical shops that have registered for recreational sales to begin selling to everyone over the age of 21.

Many pot shops will offer incentives to customers making the first purchases on October 1. One dispensary is offering free t-shirts and another is giving a 10 percent discount. Some have already opened, just after midnight.

Can Supply Meet Demand?

Because the state just approved the October 1 start date less than three months ago, most indoor growers haven’t had adequate time to ramp up production, while outdoor crops aren’t quite ready for harvest. That means the pot shops in Oregon may be unable to keep up with the initial demand for recreational marijuana.

Shane McKee, co-founder of Shango Premium Cannabis, which is opening one of its three Portland-area stores at midnight believes there will be shortages. “I think there’s going to be a lack of supply for indoor flower, ” McKee said.


No Edibles for Recreational Users Yet

Unlike in Colorado, where estimates put marijuana edible sales at about one-half of all recreational pot sales to date, Oregon has not yet approved any recreational sales of edible products. Also, marijuana concentrates, hash oil, may be sold only to medical marijuana patients and caregivers.

Added Bonus for Recreational Buyers: Tax Free Until 2016

Recreational cannabis buyers can save up to 20 percent by buying before the end of the year because under Oregon law, pot purchases will be tax-free until January.