Washington State Will Finally Open First Pot Shop On July 1

VIDEO – Spokane, Washington Will Have the First Retail Marijuana Store in the State

Kouchlock Productions will be the first recreational marijuana store in Washington state. Owner Scott O’Neil will open his doors on July 1, over a year and a half since voters made recreational pot legal in the state.

Washington voters passed legal recreational marijuana in the November of 2012 election, the same election year that voters in Colorado did the same. But while Colorado has had recreational pot shops open since January 1, it has taken until now for Washington’s Liquor Control Board to finally give the green light to the first store.

Supply will be short for Washington’s lone pot shop. The Liquor Control Board allowed growing to start just four months ago – only enough time for two grow cycles to complete.

Considering there is one store and not a lot of pot, prices will be high and there will be limits imposed on customers until more weed can be harvested. O’Neil told KREM news in Spokane that customers would probably be able to get an eighth of an ounce at most.

colorado-has-over-100-pot-shopsNew pot shops will open in a staggered roll out as the government approves a handful at a time. It will not be like January 1 was in Colorado, when a good number of stores all opened on that first day of sales in the state to a celebratory crowd of customers.

During the first few months of recreational sales in Washington, buyers can expect to see high prices for pot compared to Colorado. With new shops opening a few at a time,, limited supply, and higher state taxes on marijuana, the Washington retail cannabis market price will be notably higher. But as more shops open and new grow operations harvest their crops, prices will eventually come down.

The supporters of legal recreational marijuana in Washington state have been watching Coloradans enjoy their new industry for six months while waiting for theirs to start. The slow, deliberate roll out in Washington has been a “major buzzkill”. This first sign of the new industry is a real reason for them to celebrate.

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  1. I hope legislators realize that the idea of the extremely high taxes they imposed on retail marijuana is keeping (albeit still hurting) the black market and even what I would consider the grey market alive. Its easier to search craigslist listings and deal with a donation system than it is to go through a retail storefront and its cheaper. I understand that this is one of the sacrifices the marijuana movement had to make I just hope the foresight is their to bring taxes down to ethical levels.

  2. Actually, Seattle already does. They’re not exactly legal, but winterlife does delivery to anyone over 21 in the city limits.

  3. WIth the prices they are charging (~$420 per ounce?) I doubt anyone will be buying from legal shops when you can get the same from a dealer for ~$120.

  4. Ha ha! We’ve had this for 6 months baby. There’s over 100 stores open in Colorado. Jan 1 we had long lines and shortages, but there were about 30 stores open. What is going to happen in Spokane on July 1 at that one lonely pot shop?? I can only imagine the zoo at that place. LOL

    • Nobody in Washington cares about overpriced “legal” recreational weed when there are hundreds of medical dispensaries that have been open for years. I feel bad for people waiting all this time just to pay double.

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