In the 2012 election, Colorado and Washington became the first US states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for all adults through passage of a ballot initiative. In 2014, Oregon and Alaska did the same. The 2016 election has the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot in five new states. This election, Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada all have measures on the ballot that will ask the voters of their respective states to legalize adult recreational use of cannabis.

Here is a summary of the latest polling available leading up to this Tuesday’s (November 8, 2016) Election Day:


A recent poll in California showed 57 percent of likely voters support Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana, while 40 percent are opposed.


Polling by Western New England University conducted between October 23 and November 2 showed 61 percent support for Question 4, legalizing recreational cannabis, with 34 percent against the measure.


Among likely voters, 50 percent support Question 1, legalizing recreational marijuana. Forty-one percent oppose the measure, according to an October UNH Survey Center poll.


According to an October poll of registered voters, 50 percent favor Proposition 205, legalizing recreational marijuana while 41 percent oppose the measure.


Fifty-three percent support Question 2, legalizing recreational cannabis, while 41 percent oppose the measure according to a poll conducted from October 20-22.

In all five states, passage of legalizing recreational marijuana is leading in the latest polls. The polling in all five states reveals a similar breakdown according to age and party affiliation: the majority of Democrats favor the measures, while the majority of Republicans are opposed to legalizing marijuana. Also, a majority of people over the age of 65 oppose legalization of recreational cannabis, while those under 65 support legalization.

In California and Massachusetts the polls show it is highly likely both states will legalize recreational cannabis. Nevada, Arizona, and Maine are less certain, but the lead for passage in all three has held coming down to the final days before November 8. If all five states legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, 25 percent of Americans will live in states where pot is legal for adult use, without the need for a medical card.


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