In Gallup’s October 2013 poll, a clear majority of adults in the U.S. favor marijuana legalization. Gallup has been asking Americans the question in polls since 1969 and this is the first time in 44 years that more favor the legalization of cannabis than are opposed to legalization.

Now don’t be confused: this question is not about “medical” marijuana. The question is just about marijuana in general and Americans want pot legalized for getting high as well as for its many medical uses.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The number was hovering close to the 50/50 line one year ago, but it seems the latest recreational legalization laws in Colorado and Washington have bolstered the movement.

Gallup_Poll_Legal_MarijuanaThe poll reveals that an impressive 58% of adults nationwide now want to legalize marijuana. That number is 10 percentage points higher from the 2012 poll to this one.

In both Colorado and Washington, marijuana legalization laws were passed by ballot initiatives – it was voted on directly by the people. Legalization passed by 55% – 45% in Colorado and 56% – 44% in Washington. Both states started with legal medical marijuana before moving toward full legalization.

Hey Sonny! Keep Off the Grass!!

reefer-madness-1The breakdown of statistics in the Gallup poll reveals that the only age group still opposed to marijuana legalization is the 65 and older group. Still, a good 45% of even that group is in favor.

Older Americans have had to endure over 70 years of cannabis prohibition propaganda and they are the least-likely group to have ever tried pot. So it’s not surprising that they are the most resistant to legalization. They’ve been told to be scared of it and most of them have never tried it.

Forward Progress

But times have changed. The last three American presidents have used marijuana before. And President Obama admitted in a recent interview that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.

The marijuana legalization movement is here to stay. As more Americans exist who have tried the drug than those who have not, it’s harder to prop up the lies that have kept marijuana prohibition alive for so long.

Of course, Americans also know it may take a long time to reverse 70-some years of prohibition and legalize marijuana across the nation. In the meantime, there’s Colorado and Washington: two states where adults can enjoy the freedom of legal recreational marijuana right now.