Colorado Marijuana Laws

Recreational Marijuana: Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Recreational Cannabis Laws FAQ

Updated January 1, 2017

Is marijuana legal in Colorado?

  • Yes.

Is marijuana legal for recreational use in Colorado?

  • Yes. As of January 1, 2014, it is legal for adults 21 and over to purchase, possess, and consume marijuana for recreational use in Colorado.

I am not a resident of Colorado. Can I buy marijuana?

  • Yes. Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase, possess, and consume marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, including out of state and foreign tourists.

Do I need a medical card or special identification to buy marijuana?

  • No. You only need to prove you are over the age of 21. You can do this with a driver’s license, state-ID, or passport.

Where can I buy marijuana in Colorado?

  • There are recreational marijuana dispensaries (pot shops) throughout the state. These shops are different from medical marijuana dispensaries and have a different type of license to sell to recreational customers. While many pot shops are both medical and recreational, not all are. To help you find the recreational shops, we have a complete directory of recreational pot shops in Colorado.

What kind of marijuana can I purchase in recreational pot shops?

  • Every type of cannabis product can be purchased including: buds (flower), hash oil, edibles, cannabis-infused drinks.

How much marijuana can I buy in Colorado?

  • You can purchase up to one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana flower, 8 grams of concentrate, or 800 milligrams of edible marijuana per transaction, per day. The law says that one ounce of flower is equal to 8 grams of concentrate or 80 ten milligram servings of THC in “retail marijuana product” (edibles). In other words, you could purchase half of an ounce of flower and 4 grams of concentrate in a transaction or a half ounce of flower and 40 ten milligram edibles in a transaction, etc.

How much marijuana can I possess?

  • Any adult over the age of 21 can possess up to one ounce of marijuana, including out-of-state visitors.

Can I possess marijuana anywhere in the state?

  • Almost anywhere. National parks, national monuments, and national forests are Federal lands and you cannot legally possess marijuana on Federal land.

Can I possess marijuana in a car?

  • Yes. You can possess marijuana in a car, however, it must be sealed. It cannot be in an “open container”.

Can I smoke marijuana while driving?

  • No. You cannot smoke while driving and you cannot drive stoned. Both are illegal.

Where can I smoke marijuana in Colorado?

  • You can smoke marijuana on any private property where marijuana consumption is allowed and out of the public view.

Can I smoke marijuana in public?

  • No, not legally. You must be on private property where marijuana consumption is allowed and not in the public view.

Can I smoke marijuana in my hotel?

  • Yes, some hotels allow it. But, there are also hotels that don’t. Check with your hotel for their policy. Typically, you would need to get a smoking room or have an outside area where pot smoking is allowed. Check our Colorado recommended hotels directory for hotels with private balconies and smoking rooms. Of course, using a vaporizer or consuming edibles can be done in almost any hotel room.

Can I smoke my marijuana with someone under 21?

  • No. It is illegal for people under 21 to buy, possess or use retail marijuana. It is a felony for anyone to give or sell to, or share marijuana with anyone under 21.

Can I take marijuana from Colorado out of state?

  • No. You cannot take marijuana from Colorado outside of Colorado. You cannot cross the border with it and you cannot fly with it. Finish it before you leave.

This is just a general guide and is NOT intended as legal advice. For more information on Colorado laws, visit the state’s official website: .