2013_cannabis_cup_denver_2The 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup is officially sold out. According to High Times managing
editor Jen Bernstein, the news was official as of April 15th and she stated, “This is something we’ve only dreamed of, and the fact that we’re exceeding our dreams, we are just jubilant.” With more than 30,000 attendees expected, festival-goers
should prepare for large but happy and easygoing crowds over the course of the weekend’s festivities.

With the event having moved to the Denver Mart for 2014, the capacity
restrictions of last year’s venue have become nothing more than a happy, foggy
memory. According to Bernstein, “We’ve already opened up additional parking
lots to accommodate the groups, and we’re using a lot of space outside of
Denver Mart, too. It looks like we’ll have more than 500 booths outside.”
Attendees can expect to see those vendor booths feature a dazzling array of
cannabis-related products, from pipes, bongs and vaporizers to home products,
clothing and accessories for the conscientious (and fashionable) smoker.

While the booming marijuana-product industry will be out in full force, the real
draw of the Cannabis Cup will be, of course, the weed. With the dizzying amount
and variety of ultra-high-grade cannabis being produced by Colorado’s growers,
competition for accolades such as best flowers, best hash, and best edibles will
be fierce. But in the end, the real winners will be those attending the festivities.

For a full list of events and frequently asked questions, see the official Cannabis
Cup website’s Denver page.