Texas Loves Colorado Recreational Marijuana

Texans Flocking to Colorado for Legal Marijuana

Since January 1, 2014, Texans have been flocking to Colorado to enjoy legal recreational marijuana. Texas’ close proximity to Colorado makes it easy for their tourists to take a cannabis vacation.

Telluride, Colorado, a small ski town in the southwestern part of the state, seems to be seeing a huge jump in tourists from Texas since the January 1 legalization.

“Seventy percent of my clientele were from Texas,” said Telluride Bud Company owner Adam Raleigh. “Before they even get their ski gear, or get their rental gear or anything else, they come straight to us and get their cannabis,” Raleigh said.

Texas is huge up here. This is where everybody comes,” said Patrick Dyar, from Carlton, Texas, 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

“You’ve got the little grey-haired old lady, the mom, the 21-year-old; you have the Texans that look just like a highway state patrol cop. They’re in here like, ‘Here’s my ID. I wanna buy!’ “, Raleigh says.

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  1. Love the guy from the shop when he says “here’s my ID! I wanna buy!”. No shit its a Texas state trooper. They need some ganja more than anybody. LOL

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