Marijuana Tourism: Colorado the "Napa Valley" of Cannabis

VIDEO: Marijuana Tours a Booming Industry in Colorado

The January 1, 2014 legalization of recreational marijuana retail stores in Colorado has opened a huge new industry in the state: marijuana tourism. As the only state with recreational pot shops, businesses in Colorado are currently reaping the benefits.

Considering that almost 60% of Americans believe pot should be legalized, the supply of customers for Colorado’s pot shops is plentiful. In the video, Andrew, who checks IDs at Medicine Man, estimates that 40% of their patrons are from out-of-state. Other estimates put the number closer to 50%.

Napa Valley in California has long been a destination for wine lovers. Tourists from all over the world spend vacations in Napa doing what they love to do: drink wine and relax. Now, Colorado is seeing the same type of tourist, except their visitors are cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This has led many to call Colorado the “Napa Valley” of marijuana.

Colorado Marijuana Tours

Already, a number of tour companies have opened their doors to provide pot tourists with a guided experience. Tours vary from single-day trips to all-inclusive three-day tours. Tourists are transported in limousines and buses to pot shops, grow rooms, cannabis cooking classes, “420 parties”, and other related destinations.

Of course, you can always explore the green scene in Colorado on your own. You don’t need any special license, nor do you need to be a resident to buy weed in Colorado. It simply takes a driver’s license or passport to prove you are over 21 years old.

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