First Legal Cannabis Club In U.S. To Open In Colorado

VIDEO: First Legal Marijuana Club – Denver News Footage

The first legally sanctioned cannabis club in America will open in Nederland, Colorado, a small town in the mountains above Boulder. After a 14-month legal battle, married couple David and Cheryl Fanelli will open “Club Ned”, an indoor cannabis cafe.

Other cannabis clubs that have opened in Denver are locked in legal battles to remain open. Their fate has yet to be determined. But Club Ned has received legal clearance from all the necessary state and local authorities and will open sometime in April, 2014.

The major obstacle the Fanellis had to overcome was the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibits smoking in public indoor spaces. But they will open Club Ned using the same exception used by Elk’s clubs and VFWs, private clubs that allow indoor smoking. The law allows smoking in “a place of employment that is not open to the public and that is under the control of an employer that employs three or fewer employees.”

“Is this history? This is history. Are we pioneers? Maybe more than pioneers,” David Fanelli said.

Club Ned will be a private club and patrons will have to pay a membership fee. Members will have to schedule a time to visit the club and bring their own marijuana. They will not sell marijuana, but they will have food and drinks. They also plan to host private parties and have live acoustic music.

The Fanellis hope they are leading the way for more clubs to open in Colorado. “We can only take 30 people, there needs to be more clubs,” Cheryl Fanelli said.

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