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Cannabis Cup Denver 2014 - April 19 & 20

denverCannabisCup2014Ticket Info: $40 (one day), $75 (two days) 

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The High Times Cannabis Cup returns to Denver on April 19 – 20, 2014. This year’s Cannabis Cup will be the first one in an American city with legal recreational marijuana shops. The event will take place at the Denver Mart and includes many vendor booths in the main building as well as an outdoor area with additional vendor booths.



Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

oregon-marijuanaIn the November 2014 election, the people of Oregon voted in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. All adults over the age of 21 in Oregon will be allowed to possess, cultivate, and use marijuana legally under state law.

As of July 1, 2015, all adults over the age of 21 in Oregon (including non-residents) will be able to :

  • Possess up to eight ounces (half of a pound) of marijuana flower in their home.
  • Possess up to one ounce of marijuana flower in a public place.
  • Grow up to four total marijuana plants in their household.
  • Possess up to 1 pound of solid edibles (about 10 chocolate bars).
  • Possess up to 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquid (about six 12-ounce sodas).
  • Possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana extract.
  • Give as a gift (without compensation) up to an ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana products in solid form, or 72 ounces of marijuana products in liquid form to other individuals 21 and older.
  • Purchase up to one ounce of marijuana flower, 16 ounces of marijuana products in solid form, or 72 ounces of marijuana products in liquid form from properly registered businesses.



2016 Denver Cannabis Cup Moving to New Venue

UPDATE: Pueblo Selected as New Location for 2016 Cannabis Cup (Read More)

High Times is selecting a new location for the 2016 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Contrary to some reports that the event is cancelled, as of this writing, sources at High Times have said that the 2016 Cannabis Cup in Denver is still on. However, they are deciding on a new location for this year’s Cup due to permit problems at the Denver Mart, which hosted the event the last two years.

denver-cannabis-cupThe commissioners of Adams county (located just north of Denver) unanimously denied the Denver Mart a permit for the event. The Cannabis Cup permit denial decision came after testimony from several law enforcement officials who warned of people using cannabis openly at previous Cannabis Cup events and a drug task force official who cited two minor incidents.


2016 Cannabis Cup Moving to Pueblo Colorado

High Times is moving the 2016 Cannabis Cup from Denver to Pueblo.

In a last minute move, High Times Magazine, the presenter of the Cannabis Cup, has moved this year’s event to Pueblo, Colorado. Normally hosted at the Denver Mart, organizers had to find a new venue after the Denver Mart’s permit request was denied by Adams County officials.

denver-cannabis-cupThe 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup will take place at a soon-to-be-disclosed location in Pueblo over three days: Saturday, April 16 – Monday, April 18. As of this writing, the official website of the event states that tickets will go on sale next week. Last year’s Cannabis Cup drew over 100,000 people over the course of three days in Denver.


2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup CANCELED

High Times Withdraws Permit Application for Cannabis Cup in Pueblo.

The 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup saga appears to have come to an end and the result for prospective attendees and exhibitors is not a good one. There will be no Cannabis Cup in Colorado this year, at least not around the annual 4/20 (April 20) day of cannabis celebration.

The trouble started when High Times Magazine, the presenter of the Cannabis Cup, was denied a permit to hold the 2016 Cannabis Cup at Denver Mart, where it had been held the previous two years. Officials from Adams County, a county just to the north of Denver where the Denver Mart is located, denied the permit application citing security concerns and the open use of marijuana at the event.

High Times’ next move was to attempt to move the Cannabis Cup 120 miles south to Pueblo, Colorado. The first dates announced were for April 15-17. Then, due to the timing of their permit application in Pueblo and a law requiring a minimum of 75 days notice, it was changed to April 22-24. Pueblo County officials had said the permit decision would be expected “no later than March 23”.